CRM system for affiliate marketing

Everything for working with orders and clients
Convenient and understandable interface, traffic tracking and analysis tools
Launch a campaign in a few clicks
Your managers do not need any special training, and if you need to change any parameters, you can do it at any time
Accept orders from everywhere
Manage orders from any source, convert leads directly from messengers and social networks

What is a CRM system for?

Automatic status tracking
The system monitors and updates order statuses while they are collected and delivered to the clients. All you need to do is to observe the smooth operation of your company.
All data in one place
Clients from all channels, including messengers, mail, and orders on the websites are automatically systematized. The system allows you to sort contacts by filters and immediately assign interaction tasks to managers.
Understandable reports
Our system is also a professional analytics tool: you can track the efficiency of your employees, the profitability of offers, the geographical range of operation and much more

Why choose our CRM?

System analyzes 100% of our clients' requests
Over three years, we have analyzed the experience of each partner to create a system that meets the needs of any business.
No training required, start working straightaway
Your managers do not have to be trained for using new programs. We have made our system so convenient that it is not harder to understand it than the messenger.
Monitor the performance of your campaigns
The ability to measure campaign performance allows you to effectively manage it. What can be measured, can be scaled. Tested by our specialists!
Want to try?
The CRM system is at the stage of closed beta testing. To participate, send an application and we will contact you.
Test the solution out