Anti-fraud system

Any online store can become a victim of users’ fraudulent actions.The anti-fraud system will not allow this to happen.

Advantages of integrating the anti-fraud system into your business

Automatic analysis of each transaction
When a violation is detected, the system automatically blocks the operation Intelligent decision-making
Intelligent decision-making
The system takes into account more than a hundred parameters of user behavior patterns
The system is customized for your business
Any specifics, custom filters and individual approach
Result guarantee
99.0%of fraudulent transactions are successfully prevented thanks to our system

How does the anti-fraud system work?

Receiving a request
The anti-fraud system processes each request by passing it through filters
Analysis of the seller
The scope of the trade operation, the type of product, and the geography of the purchase are taken into account
Customer analysis
The customer transaction history, reputation and all related information are carefully checked
Based on the results of the data check, the system makes a decision and sends it to the processing center
Want to try?
The anti-fraud system is at the stage of closed beta testing. To participate, send an application and we will contact you
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